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These are just a small sample of our reviews!


Review by Jon A. in Sturbridge, MA

Project: Install Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures

Great experience with this company. Prompt, professional service at a fair price. Would hire again in a second.


Review by Andy H. in Douglas, MA

Project: Upgrade an Electrical Panel or Wiring

Very professional, found the problem and repaired it quickly. 


Review by Jacqueline F. in Webster, MA

Project: Install Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures

Marc did a fantastic job for us. He was always on time, worked very hard, cleaned up after himself and respected our property. He took no breaks and was very helpful when we asked questions. Would definitely recommend Marc and hire him again if needed.


Review by Felix R. in Webster, MA

Project: Install Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures

Very courteous. Very professional. Prompt. He kept us apprised every step of the job. We were very happy with Marc. I would definitely recommend him.



Review by Paul R. in Millbury, MA

Project: Install Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures

Very qualified, friendly, neat work. Almost wish we needed him to do more work!


Review by Walter W. in Worcester, MA

Project: Install Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures

Mr. Durocher was a very professional, nice, informative electrician, I would recommend him to all family and friends if service is needed.


Review by Susan H. in Oxford, MA

Project: Install Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures

Marc responded to my HomeAdvisor project with both a phone call and an email. I was actually able to talk to him through email to set up both the estimate visit and work appointment, which is awesomely valuable to me! I'd intended to get multiple estimates but everyone wanted me to make a phone call that I just didn't want to make! Ugh! Marc was able to come over and do the estimate the next day after talking to him. We actually ran back out and called him back into the house after he'd gotten into his truck to leave because I remembered something else I wanted him to look at! He was a great sport about it. (And was there for about an hour! And gave us a ton of info and tips, all for free! I totally felt like he could have been paid for that!) One thing that I really value is Marc's willingness to give advice on things we were trying to attempt ourselves. He gave great advice on how to do things more efficiently, and better products to use. We have learned A LOT from him! At no point did he try to talk us about of doing anything ourselves, try to talk us into doing more than we needed, or anything that could get him more money or more time out of us. (Granted, we ended up having him there for 9 hours and that was just phase 1!) One of the projects Marc did for us was to install a ceiling fan into a room which didn't have one. We discussed placement and he made measurements to get it right. He then went to the attic to discover it was too close to a beam. So he explained it and asked me which way I'd want to shift it over. I was home painting walls while he was doing the work and I really enjoyed being able to be consulted as he worked. We then discussed the options for switches for the new ceiling fan. I said that in an ideal world we'd have a switch at the front door and at the other end of the room and he explained to me the work involved and pointed out that he'd absolutely do it, but that it was considerably more time to put a switch on the exterior wall than the interior one. He wanted me to make sure I thought it was worth the cost, which I didn't. He very easily could have said, "oh yes, it's definitely great to have switches in multiple locations, you'll really be happy with that" and tacked on more time (even though if you then think about it, how often would we even use the front door?!). He didn't try to upsell me on anything, he was really great at helping us balance the need/desire to save money with what's feasible for us to do on our own, what's worth having done by a professional, and whether something is worth doing at all. I really really appreciate that. We have several more electrical projects to do down the line, and I'll definitely shoot Marc an email when we're ready for that! Right from the estimate he suggested we just do what we're comfortable with- prioritize the projects and spread it out if we're worried about money! And that's not for him to make more money off us either, he wouldn't, he just said figure out what you need done now, and then what can be done in a few months, or a few after that, etc. He was frank, no BS-ing, up-front about everything. And as I said, I was home while he was there working for 9 hours... the man didn't take a break! He worked hard ALL DAY! I definitely recommend.

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